You know the feeling when you look in your closet and you’ve run out of hangers or, worse yet, there is no space to hang anything?  For some of us, it gets so bad that our clothes start to pile up outside of our closet!  We have some helpful closet tips that can take the stress out of opening that closet door.  You’ll be surprised at how many items have outlived their purpose and how much more selective you will be when shopping for something new!


1) Doesn’t Fit

Whether your pants are too tight or your dress is too big, these items are taking up valuable closet space.  Flattering clothes make us feel better yet we’re all guilty of holding on to those items that will fit ‘someday’.  Make space for clothes that you can wear today. This way, you only feel positive energy when looking for something to wear!

2) Do You Love It?

This is a great question to ask when indecision hits and you don’t know whether to keep an item or let it go.  Maybe you couldn’t resist the temptation of a clearance item and now months later you still haven’t worn it.  If you truly don’t love it, donate it to someone else who will!

3) One Trick Pony

You probably have a dress, theme shirt, or hat (or all three) that you only wore once right?  These items were purchased for a specific occasion and that time is never coming back.   They served their purpose, the memory was made, now you can let them go.  The valuable space in our closets should hold things that you will wear more than once.

4) Trendy Trap

Buying trendy clothes and shoes can be tricky.  Sometimes you’ll buy a trendy item with good intentions and find out it’s not something you feel comfortable or confident wearing.  Or you hold on to those furry boots hoping they will make a ‘come back’.  A trend is defined by what’s hip or popular at a certain point in time.  If that certain point in time has passed, it’s time to toss or donate it.  We promise you won’t miss it!

5) Hope I Don’t See Anyone

Have you rushed out of the house to run an errand and thought “I really hope I don’t run into anyone I know!”?  It’s time to let go of the clothes you don’t want to be seen in.  As comfy as those sweatpants may be, they are probably holding you back.  It’s okay to have loungewear as long as you feel okay to wearing it in public.

6) Stains and  Holes…Oh My!

Sometimes we need to accept that clothes with stains, rips, and snags have gone well past their expiration date.  Some are so bad that they aren’t worth donating.  Admit it, if that ripped shirt was worth keeping you would’ve had it repaired by now.



We hope these tips have given you the motivation and plan to reclaim your closet.  Want to get started right this minute?  Download our closet inventory checklist and fill it out.  It’s the perfect planning tool to personalize your closet!  Then, contact Closets For Life to arrange a free in-home consultation!  Our company specializes in organization solutions for all areas of the home including closetskitchens, garages, home offices, laundry rooms, wine cellars and more.  All of our designs are custom manufactured which gives us the flexibility to design a solution that meets your needs and your space.  Go ahead  – give us a call today!