Orono Two-Tone Custom Walk-in Closet


Want an inviting walk-in closet that feels like an extension of your home’s living space?

Consider incorporating a hot trend in closet design right now, two-tone cabinetry and mixed finishes. This beautiful closet was part of a new home build in Orono MN home. Featuring a mix of wood and cream color finishes and brushed nickel hardware, the cabinetry is certainly ‘the star’ of this project, adding interest and highlighting the clean lines and design elements found elsewhere in the home.

The design is filled with numerous storage options and features, including lots of open shelves, built-in drawers, and elevated platforms for shoe storage and, our favorite, a mirror door hiding a host of shelf storage behind it. Yet, even with all these functional features, the two-tone finish lends the cabinetry a more furniture-like feel resulting in an inviting space that feels more like a room and less like… well, a closet!

We listen to your wants and needs and custom design each piece specifically – for you.